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Bren Owens


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PostSubject: Rules **READ BEFORE POSTING**   Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:00 am

Hello fellow RPers. Before we can have some fun. We have to get some rules straight.
If you have any questions feel free to PM the Admins.

1. Stay in character. No real-life posts and definitely no out of character drama.

2. If you are going to be Out of Character, please use the term (OOC) for your posts. This is for YOU, not your character.

3. Grammar is important!

4. Sexual role-play is allowed but you MUST put (NSFW) in the title.

5. No Spamming.

6. Profanity is allowed.


8. You can be active in as many Rps as you like. Just remember to reply to ALL of the rps you are taking part in.

9. If your character is inactive for longer than 3 months, then your character will be taken down.

10. You can create as many characters as you like. But it is your responsibility to be active in ALL accounts.

11. You are welcome to share the CC creations like poses, clothes, etc, you made on the Downloads Thread

12. You can share your CC and post your Sim photos. But keep in mind, this is a RP FORUM. So it is expected of you to role play. If you only promote yourself instead of role playing as well, you can risk getting your account deleted. Same thing for posting sim photos.

13. Any violations will result in the deletion of your account.

14. Before you can role play, write your character's information in the Introductions Section found here

15. Have fun! and RP with many characters on here! Our main priority is to have you guys enjoy role playing here.

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