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 Nova Martone

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PostSubject: Nova Martone   Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:04 pm

Name: Nova Azriel Martone
Birthday: June 23
Age: 21
Hometown: Ashley, New York
Occupation: None, currently living off of inherited fortune.
Interests/Hobbies: the arts, photography and such, writing, anything musical, not getting herself killed somehow, videogaming, etc.
Personality: brave in the face of danger, intelligent, funny (or so she thinks), bubbly, loyal, willing to help, slow to trust, kind (until you wrong her), sort of cocky when drunk, may or may not be slightly insane, sometimes depressed and distant, strange.

Bio: Nova Mikalis was born in the small city of Ashley, New York, to Ezmei and Raphael Mikalis. Ezmei and Raphael were most definitely not fit to be parents-- both were high up in the ranks of illegal 'business', and were willing to do anything to go through with a deal. Whether that was blackmail, thievery, murder, or striking a bargain they couldn't fulfill, it didn't matter. They could con their way out of anything. If it meant money in their pockets, they would do it without a second thought. This got them a multi-million dollar fortune that they kept hidden, and used mostly to move from place to place to avoid getting caught by those that they didn't keep their promises to. But one fateful day, they made one deal that was much too far-fetched-- their nine year-old daughter, Nova, in exchange for the goods they longed for.

They planned on retrieving their goods and going underground for a while until the deal was forgotten, but it... it didn't happen that way. A few nights after they stole the items and made their move, they awoke in the midst of a dreary night to a high-pitched scream, and their darling daughter was gone.

From then on, and for eight years, Nova was a slave of sexual and physical abuse for her kidnappers. She was treated as a being of little worth, held in dirty surroundings, fed little food, and kept bound up to prevent escape. Her captors often threatened to shoot her or burn her when she did not do as they pleased. She grew cold at heart, and knew nothing of this thing called 'love'. Covered in bruises, blooded, and with tear-stained cheeks, her hatred grew; for her kidnappers, for her parents, whom had not rescued her from this hovel that she hardly called home. She wanted the cruelest of demises for them, and revenge. She lusted for the relief of beautiful revenge.

Near her seventeenth birthday, she learned the names and current location of her parents, which time had caused her to forget. That night, she went ballistic, tearing the ropes from her wrists, red and raw, and stealing a pistol from her captors that she had been threatened with many times. She put a bullet into both of their heads without feeling a single shred of regret, and escaped. From there, she stole secretly from her parents' fortune, covered her tracks, made a new life for herself. She masks her hatred with a smile and bright eyes, but deep down, she's still roiling with anger. She can hide it in most situations, but stay on her good side if you value your life.

After she had found herself again, and was sane, she met Tye, her husband. Wasn't long before they were married... and, well, that's just where it begins.

Additional Info:

-Nova is currently married.
-She has many scars on her body from the period of her life which she refers to as 'The Eight Years'
-She has a fear of small, dark places, and fire.
-She often has flashbacks of The Eight Years, which render her to a half-conscious, traumatized state. During these periods of time, she claims she hears voices.
-On a normal day, she is just like any other person. When a memory from her younger years is triggered, she can become very unstable.
-It takes a while for a person to gain her trust, but once they do, they have it for life.
-When she truly loves someone, she will do anything to protect them.
-She tends to accidentally get herself into life-or-death situations.
-She freakin' loves cookies, man.

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Nova Martone
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