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 Jennifer Li

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Jennifer Li


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PostSubject: Jennifer Li   Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:42 pm

Name: Jennifer Kwon Li (Jenny)
Birthday: February 14th
Age: Supposedly 21
Hometown: Sunset Valley
Occupation: Working Actress/Model. Other than those, she is unemployed.
Interests/Hobbies: Photography, Acting, Dance, Clubs, Gym
Personality: Friendly, Shy, Caring, Loyal, Insecure, Awkward
I come from a rich family. Having no freedom in my own childhood, I moved away to start fresh and live on my own life. Growing up, my parents pushed me into becoming a lawyer, even though I didn’t want to be one. My dream was always to become an actress and a model but they didn’t matter to my parents, they thought those were superficial careers and on top of that, they didn’t believe I could do it. Besides the troubles at home, my high school was pretty good. I was considered one of the nicest people. I always hid the fact that I was rich to avoid people talking to me for the wrong reasons.
After graduating high school, I was supposed to attend university and then law school but the plans changed. I saw this as an opportunity to make something of my life and I was going to do it. So when my family thought I was leaving for college, I was actually leaving to start over. I barely had any money, I didn’t know where I was going but I just knew that I wasn’t going to live someone else’s life anymore. No one knows where I am except my closest friend back home.
I moved to a new city with my cousin Gina. Starting over again, I find it hard to make new friends because nobody knows the new girl. The progress is slow, but I won't give up. I know I will have to work hard to meet new people and make something out of myself. But I am proud that my future is finally in my own hands. No one will ever be able to take it away from me.

Other Additional Information (OPTIONAL):
Happily single
Jenny has donated her hair for Cancer Treatment
Jenny often wears contacts such as gray and pink

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Jennifer Li
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