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 Farrah Winters

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Farrah Winters


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PostSubject: Farrah Winters   Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:12 am

Name: Farrah Winters

Birthday: 17 July 1990

Age: 22

Hometown: Born in Sunset Valley, has houses almost everywhere but currently lives in Starlight Shores.

Occupation: Author/Screenwriter/Model.

Interests/Hobbies: Writing, going out, throwing parties.

Personality: Tries to be nice to everyone as she is a little too shy to stand up for herself, loves to party/organise parties and will go to one whenever possible.

Bio: Farrah had an average childhood. She grew up with her loving sister, Kat. Even though they would fight sometimes, Kat would always be Farrah's best friend.
After moving out at the age of 18, Farrah bought an apartment in Bridgeport. She started a career in modeling. Farrah soon decided she would like a change so she packed up and moved to Starlight Shores. She then ran into an old friend who was now working in television. After a lot of hard work, Farrah landed a job. Her book/story (The Farmhouse) was made into a successful TV series.
Farrah now owns several houses all over the world. She usually visits her favourite houses in Lucky Palms, Sunlit Tides and Monte Vista.
Farrah earns a lot of money from Screenwriting and modeling but earns most of her money from investing in businesses.
Farrah has had trouble with relationships. She has been engaged once, married once, has had 2 serious boyfriends but is now dating a man (Zac Evenhall) that she met at work.

Other Additional Information:
Farrah's traits:
>Party Animal
>Loves the Heat
>Heavy Sleeper

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Farrah Winters
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