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 Miralace Sutcliffe

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PostSubject: Miralace Sutcliffe   Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:49 am

Name: Miralace Elizabeth Sutcliffe

Birthday: 1/12/92

Age: 21

Hometown: Beverly Hills, California.

Occupation: Aspiring author; currently unemployed

Interests/Hobbies: Writing; guitar; drawing; gaming; parkour.

Personality: Quiet around strangers; Open and crazy around loved ones and friends; Openly obnoxious to morons; intelligent in stressful situations and under pressure; protective; Insecure at times; Daring; Rambunctious; A little too curious for her own good.

Bio: Miralace was born in the 90210, unfortunate that she was, as her pale complexion and her at the time dark black hair contrasted largely from the tanned, toned, and bleached haired citizens of Beverly Hills. This inevitably resulted in strong bullying all through high school. This, mixed with abusive and abusive father, Fang, and a mother, Quinn, that couldn't leave, who were struggling to get through a divorce but still keep a respectable social image, drove Mira into depressions she thought she'd never come back from.

Without a friend to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, she tried to find comfort in self harming. Her razor became her friend, her lover. Carving it's whispered words of comfort deep into her skin. She'd never been taught what real love was, she'd never known the caring touch of a friend. She'd only known cruelty and abuse.

One day, she returned home school to see mother was gone, a note was left on the table, she'd run away with her best friend, whom she'd been in love with for quite some time. The divorce papers lay next to it, finally signed after years of putting it off for the sake of social acceptance. After years of her husband's abuse, her mother had finally broken out of the cycle. It took a while for Miralace to realize this, she only resented her mother for leaving her behind with her monster of a father. However, with time she realized how her mother's situation had closely resembled her struggles with cutting. Her mother never knew different, Fang was the only man who claimed to love her in that way. Miralace has never known anything different than depression, angst, pain, and the twisted cruelty of verbal and physical abuse. She needed to escape, to learn differently.

As she began to learn that there was more to life than what she knew, she saw her razor as sin, as her enemy, and stopped listening to the sweet lies it used to cut into her pale skin. She began to stand up to her bullies and her father, she took up guitar, and with that came songwriting, and from there she wrote stories, and to stay in physical shape she took up parkour.

Upon graduation day, no one walked on her anymore, they knew better. She still didn't have any friends, but she had no enemies, either.

Skipping ahead a bit, Miralace married a man named Apollo, who treated her like a real woman should be treated, she couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of her life with. Later into the marriage, the couple decided they wanted to have kids. However, they struggled with conception and just couldn't seem to get pregnant. After a doctor visit, Miralace tragically learned she was incapable of bearing children. This tragic turn seemed like a sick, shitty joke. From this moment on, Miralace denied the existence of any God, because no God could honestly be the cruel.

Now, Miralace aspires to be an author, and writes whenever she has the time. She moved into a neighborhood where she meets Nova and Tyler, and the four become best friends, and on one occasion Tyler even helps Apollo save her life at the risk of his own. But that's a different story.

Now she's waiting for new adventures that will give her new-found friendships, and stories to tell to her... well, not grandkids... but she'll have /someone/ to tell, right?
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Miralace Sutcliffe
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