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 Hard Times at the Mall.

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Ms. SahvanhaAlpacas


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PostSubject: Hard Times at the Mall.   Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:27 pm

I look through the windows at the mall, countless bags hanging off my arms. Victoria Secret, Hollister, Rue 21, even a few Gucci bags. I flip my long, red hair as I look at my reflection in the window. I grin and sigh. "Well who's gorgeous?" I give a bitchy laugh as I continue walking, looking at all the people. Aww, they're so poor. Losers. I swing my arm out and let it smack into the gut of my butler.

"Carry these for me, George." I say with a giggle.
"It's Smith."
"Whatever you say, Sam."

I look around the windows and my mouth drops open, and I take in a gasp. My eyes are focused on a long, pink dress in the window of PRADA. I throw my bags at, what's his name, Greg? Whatever his name is, they slam into him and make him fall.
"CAREFUL WITH THOSE, RONALD." I say as I hurry off into the store, snatching the dress and running off to the cashier, pushing many others out of the way. I smile as I pull out my purse, searching for a few dollars, but when I find none I huff, and hand the lady my card.
"DENIED" comes up on the screen as the lady cuts up my card and throws it into the trash can.

Oh hell.

It isn't twenty minutes later, and I fins myself sitting in the food court, Pistachio lugging my bags through the court. I huff and cross my arms, trying to figure out how all this happened. I'm famous, they can't do this to me!

A tear drips down my cheek and I look down. I just wanted a dress. I deserve it, I never got one when I was younger. This is just... Stupid.

I look up and see a large amount of poor people looking at me, and anger instantly fills my veins.

"It's Smi--" I smile as I hear him sigh and begin to shoo the people away from me.
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PostSubject: Re: Hard Times at the Mall.   Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:28 pm

I glare at the butler that tries and shun me away. Who does that girl think she is, ordering her servant to chase us away? It was a free country. I had the right to stand in any part of this mall where any client may stand. I narrow my eyes as I push past the butler, my heels clicking on the tiled floor.

I stop at the table the woman is sitting, dropping my handbag on the seat and sitting next to it. I smile coldly. I wipe a strand of my strawberry blonde hair from my eyes, a shining abyss of sky blue. They were cold as ice right now.

"Hello," I say. I wave my hand at a waiter at a nearby food stall. He nears cautiously to take my order. He didn't want to get messed up in the middle of some kind of trouble.
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PostSubject: Re: Hard Times at the Mall.   Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:32 am

I approach the girls cautiously, this was going to end badly i knew it. i mentally reprimanded myself, get a hold of yourself Andrew! you've dealt with beauty queens before. these two couldn't possibly be any different.
i cleared my throat, "w-what can i get you to start with?" i asked, silently cursing my voice for breaking.
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PostSubject: Re: Hard Times at the Mall.   

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Hard Times at the Mall.
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