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 Catketty Silvera

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PostSubject: Catketty Silvera   Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:23 am

Name: Catketty Silvera
Birthday: 21 February 1990
Age: 23
Hometown: Bridgeport
Occupation: CEO of KDK21 Productions, movie director and singer in the band Excessive Solution
Interests/Hobbies: partying, cars, music, travelling
Personality: Outgoing but sometimes shy, adventurous, kindhearted, bad-tempered, unsecured at times, stubborn, complex.

Bio: Cat grew up in a stable and happy family being the only child and surrounded by her cousins. However it all ended when she chose to follow her dream of being a movie director instead of following her father's dream of having a bright career in medicine like her parents. She then left Sunset Valley and made her way to Bridgeport where she worked as waitress and receptionist to be able to pay her studies in drama art. That's when something terrible happened to her causing her to forget what she has been doing for the past six months.

A year later, she entered as trainee at Plumbob Pictures Backlot while continuing her studies. The next year, she was noticed by her actual manager, Rob, to whom she expressed her feelings to have her own studio and gain back the love of her family. Moved by her story and determination, Rob became her guardian and helped her find sponsors to finance her studio.

Three years passed and now Cat has established herself in the movie industry as well as the music industry. Her father couldn't do else than acknowledge her success. She still has Rob as her guardian and manager and is even engaged to someone named Poseidon Moon, the CEO of the biggest fishing company. However, she is still unsure of herself and and has doubts concerning her upcoming wedding for she has always been against marriage.

Additional Information:
Cat has a butterfly tattooed on her right breast and two others on her back.
Wears jeans, shorts and skirts but rarely dresses. Has a preference for purple, black, blue and hate pink.

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Catketty Silvera
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