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 Chastity Kennedy

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Chastity Kennedy


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PostSubject: Chastity Kennedy   Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:54 am

Name: Chastity Kennedy (Maiden Name - Raeloch)

Birthday: 1st August 1985

Age: 27

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Occupation: Dance Teacher at the local Gym

Interests/Hobbies: Dancing, Sports, Anything that I can actually do without injury.

Personality: Paranoid, Crazy, Overreacts about everything, Nosey, Not Humorous, Loud, Boisterous, A type of person who tells it like it is without any sugar coating.

Bio: There's not much to say about me, because I am regarded as an uninteresting person. So here comes the crappy life story. I was born in Dublin which is in Ireland if you failed at Geography, and was fostered at a young age because my mother suffered from Postnatal Depression. She then committed suicide when I was 5. My father was some sorta junkie who never bothered with me at all. I wasted years finding him, then discovering he was just a complete crack-head who spent his day milking in taxpayers money for his drug habits. He then died of an overdose when I was 13. I joined a gang at the age of 15, getting into crime. My best friend who I'd known all of my life passed away. That took a big effect on me. I started self-harming, attempting suicide, getting addicted to shit. After a failed suicide attempt, I got help from therapists and turned my life around. Crime always seemed to haunt me though. Before I knew it I was mixing with the same bunch that got me where I was before. I ended up doing a stint in jail after being framed for a robbery. That was my proper wake-up call. I began getting my life back on track, going to College, then ending up going to University. I got degrees in Medicine, but didn't pursue medicine for long. I got into a dance group built up of old friends from the gang. I caught on quickly to their routines and became a valuable member in the group, as well as discovering a hidden talent. I currently work as a Dance teacher at the local Gym, teaching old farts how to do squats and how to know the difference from their left and right feet. I'm hoping to get back into Medicine sometime in the future. But for now, I'll just stick to the dancing.

Additional Information: **Chastity has Skeleton tattoos on her hands, several Star tattoos on her arms/wrists and a corset-type tattoo on the back of her legs. She is naturally Green-haired, taking it from her father and has a strange addiction to violent video games. She also has dimples and several stab-wounds that are usually covered up. She has a strange obsession with Crosses, even though she is an Athiest. Currently has 3 children (Patrick, Louise-Marie and Ella-May) with her husband Scott.**

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Chastity Kennedy
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