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 Evangeline (Mocha) Pendleton

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Mocha Pendleton


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PostSubject: Evangeline (Mocha) Pendleton    Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:47 pm

Name: Evangeline (Mocha) Pendleton
Birthday: November 21, 1989
Age: 23
Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation: Bar Singer

Interests/Hobbies: Wallowing myself with alcohol at all hours, attempting to hone my vocal cord range, painting and anything else artistic
Personality: Distant with people I’m not familiar with, sensitive on the inside even though I try my best not to be, honest about others but insecure about myself; however once people get to know me I can be more sincere, trusting, and an overall devoted friend

Bio: If I’m told to give someone my true background, then I might as well. My original name is Evangeline Petrova and I was born to half Slavic half Russian parents in the small, eastern-European country of Ukraine. My family was pretty average financially, not overly poor or overly wealthy, but we had enough to get by. All of my siblings and I learned to work for ourselves so that we wouldn’t have to rely on my parents when we came of the age to leave our home. According to my father’s side of the family, “working” included carrying out gruesome and tedious orders for the Slavic underworld. My mother had no idea how dark my father truly was and it was at her knees did she learn of this truth. At only the age of 8 I witnessed my first murder and it was my mother’s lifeless body hitting the cold floor that “broke” me as an individual. Over the course of that same week my father stopped staying at our house for longer periods of time, until eventually I never saw him again. Since I was one of the oldest in my family, I was expected to help keep everyone together as best as I could. Two of my sisters went to live with my mother’s sister, while my oldest brother “followed in my father’s footsteps,” as he told me. It was through my singing that I was able to pay for my ticket to leave my home country with too many horrible memories. I’m now 23 and I haven’t been back there since, nor do I have any desire to fly back. I work at a crummy bar and it was there that I was told to make my name more “approachable” and “catchy,” because long names don’t exhibit this so-called “wow factor” anymore. “Mocha” is now- something that will always be present in us, and the guiding force to keep me alive every day.

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Evangeline (Mocha) Pendleton
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