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 Vivienne Medina

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PostSubject: Vivienne Medina   Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:19 pm

Name: Vivienne Sapphire Medina

Birthday: September 19, 1988

Age: 24

Hometown: Sunset Valley

Occupation: Model/Bass Player

Interests/Hobbies: bass, singing, sex (if thats a hobby?)

Personality: opinionated (strongly), confident, a little bit crazy

Bio: Although I was born into a family with two brothers, my childhood was a lonely one. My brothers had each other to play games and sports together, my parents were always at work, and we lived on the edge of town, which means no neighbors, which means no friends. Before I reached school age, I never knew how other girls my age dressed, so I dressed like one of the boys, insisting I wear my brother's hand-me-downs. When I started school, the other kids were ...shocked by my appearance. Apparently little girls with fire truck red hair and boys clothing isn't common. I still had no friends and was picked on. So I vowed then that when I was grown up, I'd show them and I'd be beautiful. Now, I'm 24 and a model. I did show them, and I will continue to shock everyone, just like my first day of school.

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Vivienne Medina
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