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 The New Girl

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Jennifer Li


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PostSubject: The New Girl   Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:16 am

I got out of the cab and paid him my ten dollars. I closed the door shut behind and approached forward to the coffee shop. The sun beaming on the reflection of the glass windows. It was a new bright day, I needed to get out. I spent all my time there at the Bed and Breakfast room. It was time I realize that I can't live in hiding, not anymore. I'd be giving him, them, the satisfaction of fear. But now I need to start going out, meeting new friends, and make something out of myself. Not be that scared, insecure little girl I was. And what better way to meet people than in a coffee shop? I pushed the door and walked in. The place was more crowded than I thought.

As I made my way to the barista, I noticed some eyes were glaring at me, most of which were those gossiping girls. Whispers tingled my ears. I had a hint of what they were talking about.
"...Who is she?....I never seen her before...."
I was the new girl. That no one even knows. I stood in front of the barista and she gave a surprised look which soon turned content. I gave her a polite "Hello". She smiled and asked, "Hey sweetie, you new here? Never seen you around". I smiled back at her kindness towards me, "Yeah.. Well kinda. I haven't been out in the city much."
"Ah, I see. So what would you like hun?" I looked at the menu and was allured by the scent of coffee and pastries. Maybe I'll buy myself a latte. A latte sounds really good.

"I'll get Caramel latte. And maybe". I paused and thought about what pastries to get. As I thought of the choices, my personal thought came over my head. Ha. Are you sure you want that Jenny, you don't wanna gain more weight than you already have. I gave a slight sigh and then I noticed the barista was still waiting on me. "Sorry. For taking so long". She gave a sincere smile and told me, "It's fine. I know everything seems so good here! Hehe."
I chuckled. She was patient and calm, I liked that. "Oh and maybe.. Two chocolate chip muffins."

She threw in a pun, "Oh lovely! That is a sweet choice". I laughed at her little joke. Maybe I laughed more than I should have. She told me I would have to wait a few minutes. I tapped my fingers on the counter while waiting on the order. I started to think of my past. The good and bad memories. Then thoughts in the future began to pop in. I can see my biggest dream is not really too far to achieve. My mini day dream was interrupted by the voice of the barista. Time had already passed by. I gave her the amount of money for the latte and cookies. "There ya go new girl. Enjoy!" She yelled out as I thanked her and start walking away. I went to a table and sat by myself. I honestly didn't mind that much.
Hmm.. New girl? I kinda like that name.
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PostSubject: Re: The New Girl   Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:26 pm

I got out of the cab paying the driver. I could have taken my car but I would be too noticeable in my flaming red Ferrari and Rob, my manager, would have noticed that I escaped work. There seemed to be no paparazzi around. Good, at least I'd be able to enjoy a nice coffee peacefully.

I walked up to the front door and in. It was crowded. Let's just hope that there was no journalist inside and that no one would ask about autograph. I walked over to the barista and ordered a cappuccino. "We have freshly made chocolate chip muffins", she said teasingly. She knew my weakness for those. "Well, I want four of them", I whispered jokingly. She giggled and went to get my order.

I walked over to a table, next to a girl sitting by herself enjoying what seems to be a caramel latte and chocolate chip muffins. I sat down and put my purple laptop next to me. Soon after, the barista brought my cappuccino and muffins.

"Working on a new script?", she asked cheerfully. "Only trying to. Inspiration has been running low concerning films recently but for the band it's something else." I sipped my cappuccino. I usually was secretive concerning my work but talking to her had never been a problem. "I'm sure you'll come up with something great, you always do. Enjoy your muffins meanwhile, maybe it'll help", she said giggling and walked away. I looked at the muffins and picked one up. Maybe she's right, I though smiling and bite into it.

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The New Girl
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