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 Nyx Acanthe Moone

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Nyx Moone


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PostSubject: Nyx Acanthe Moone   Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:19 pm

Nyx Acanthe Moone
The Eleventh of November, Nineteen Ninety One.
The Bronx, New York.
Nyx works for Bridgeport Construction.
Music is Nyx's main interest and helping who she can, when she can. Nyx has a knack for the piano and the drum set and if she's not playing then she's reading a book. She loves to keep her self busy, it keeps her mind from racing.
Nyx may seem to have a dark personality from far distances but she's a sweet girl who is just misunderstood. She's soft spoken and really doesn't have much of a self esteem anymore. She beats herself up and really just needs someone to help her along and get up each day. Her therapist has told her that she is manic depressive with high anxiety but she doesn't believe that. The woman barely knows of her past and what skeletons she hide in her closet. Therefore, the pills go down the sink(sometimes). If Nyx finds a friend and trusts them, she's a quirky, yet broken girl. Someone just like every one else, just simply misunderstood.
"Get up and into the car, Lanyi, now. Before I beat the thing out of you."
Nyx Acanthe Matei was born prematurely on a cool autumn night in Manhattan County hospital on October third, nineteen ninety two.To Lanying Anh Huang and Costin Aurel Matei. It was a terrible night, full of kicking and screaming, the throwing of plates and other kitchen utensils over a missing crack pipe. Costin struck his wife and threw her against white walls, staining them red with blood and mucus. This sent the soon to be mother into labor four months early with her only child.

When Nyx was born, she was taken from her mother immediately, not only because she was too young to breath on her own but because just like her mother she was addicted to crack-cocaine. Nyx didn't meet her mother and father until she was nine months old and taken into their custody because now she was strong enough to eat and breathe on her own. She was no longer going through a withdrawal and remarkably had no signs of brain damage. Her mother was clean and grateful, and her father...He pretended to be.

Two years went by and everything was just peachy, but one night her father had come home late. He was angry after Yan paged him because Nyx was sick and needed to be taken to a doctor. He beat her mother to a bloody pulp on the ground before her, he lost money because of her page. He then turned on Nyx, she was old enough to understand in his eyes. She was beat until everything went black. Costin was a whoremonger and made good money doing it. It got him nice cars and a beautiful home. But that night where they were beat changed everything. Costin made Yanling become one of his whores. So now she was getting beat worse and Nyx was in the whorehouse with her father and other prostitutes and drug dealers. She was beat too, for being in the way or not moving fast enough.

As she grew, her mother got weaker and weaker and one day decided enough was enough and she fled. Leaving Nyx alone with her abusive, drug addicted father. Upon her mothers disappearance, a twelve year old Nyx had to take her mothers place. Her father let men beat her and do what they wanted, they just had to pay a higher price. She was her fathers prized possession. One night changed that, Nyx was walking an alley way after chasing a kitten that way and was taken by surprise by a group of armed men. Nyx was taken advantage of in the alley, her money was taken and she was left to die. They'd cut her face and violated her in more ways than one. She hadn't even reached woman hood.

When her father found out, he was angry and beat her worse, she was kicked out and left to be on her own, and that's where she was for six years prior. In and out of shelters and group homes and orphanages. The past two years she's been in college, working on her degree.

Nyx changed her last name from Matei to Moone. She still looks for her mother but she can never find her. The once bruised beaten girl has tried to forget her past, but she knows it will never escape her. The sexual abuse from random men and her sick father would never escape her. The scar on her face a constant reminder of that very past she tried to forget. Nyx has never had a boyfriend, never been told she was loved, beautiful or complemented in any way. Then people wonder why she barely speaks.
(It's a little rough. Sorry.]
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Nyx Acanthe Moone
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