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 Damn it, Daddy.

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Nyx Moone


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PostSubject: Damn it, Daddy.   Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:48 pm

I wipe off the ruby red lipstick that my papa forced me to wear last night, looking at myself in the bathroom of the Starbucks. My eyeliner had been smeared, and my eyes were blood shot. The shirt I had on was partially ripped and passion marks littered my collarbone and neck. I sighed at my image.

Warm water was run a moment later onto a paper towel. I brought it to my face and wiped the makeup off. Goodness, I was exhausted, my legs and arms were sore and I felt miserable. Today would have to be better than last night or I would freak. Feeling like this was not fun. After I fixed my sex hair I walked out and up to the front counter. "M-May I..." I realized I sounded lie death. Clearing my throat I spoke to the woman again. "Excuse me...May I have a Caramel Latte, double shot of espresso and extra caramel drizzle on top?" I smile at the woman and hand her my money.

"Name for the cup?" She asked then looked me over, she was judging me. I brushed my hip length hair behind my ear, "Nyx." Then went to the pick up counter after receiving my change.

They always judged me. No matter what.
But they didn't know what I went through. They didn't know my struggle.
I was when this all started.
They'd never know...

My phones buzzing interrupted my thoughts. My daughters name popped up on the screen. Immediately I answered, something could be wrong. If my dad laid a finger on her....

"Momma?" she asked, her tiny voice sounded worried. "You didn't call me yet, are you okay?"
I sighed and gave a sad frown as the woman handed me my latte. I thanked her silently and replied to Saylor gently. "Mommy is fine, love. I just woke up late. I'll be home shortly. Let the babysitter know. I'll have to call you back." I hated this. I wanted my baby. Being away from her at night was the worst. She needed her mommy.
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Damn it, Daddy.
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