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 Dionysios Cai

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Dion Cai


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PostSubject: Dionysios Cai   Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:44 pm

Name: Dion Cai
Birthday: 19th August 1986
Age: 26
Hometown: Twinbrook
Occupation: Secret Agent
Interests/Hobbies: clubbing, guns, cars, drifting
Personality: Flirty, likes to have fun, bad-tempered, daredevil, harsh but can also be nice and caring, courageous.

Bio: Dion had a hard childhood. He caught his mother cheating on his dad and soon after she left leaving Dion, his twin and her little sister behind. Since that day, his father tried to take care of the kids but soon fell into alcohol. Dion found himself being the head of the family sooner than expected. He took care of his little sister Eris with the help of his twin brother Leon. He was responsible yet a troublesome student. He soon got interested in fighting and guns.

Throughout the years, he and his brother got noticed by a special organisation for his fighting skills and incredible self-control in various situations and his brother's incredible IQ and mastery of martial arts. He accepted and so did his brother.

He is now living a somewhat quiet life with his girlfriend Demeter Moon and their kids continuing his work as a secret agent from time to time.

Other Additional Information:
Has pierced ears and tattoos on both arms.

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Dionysios Cai
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