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 Demeter Moon

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Demeter Moon


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PostSubject: Demeter Moon   Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:43 pm

Name: Demeter Moon
Birthday: June 17, 1990
Age: 22
Hometown: Bridgeport
Occupation: CEO of Full Moon Productions, movie director, singer of B.A.D.A Bing and Manager of Eternity
Interests/Hobbies: singing, dancing, playing the piano and violin, spending time with her family, and horseback riding
Personality: shy and timid yet has a very bubbly personality, sweet to anyone but doesn’t trust others easily
Bio: The middle of three children Demeter was spoiled by her mother. At the age of six she lost her mother in a terrible and unexpected accident they were both involved in. Not able to get over the shock Demeter spent three long months in the hospital neither eating nor speaking. It wasn’t until her cousins Zeus and Poseidon started coming regularly playing with her and doing everything they could to cheer her up that everything changed. After getting out of the hospital she had hoped everything would change and get better, but her life just started to get harder.
By the age of twelve Demeter was assaulted by her brother. Being terrified by him and threatened by him she’d be beaten should she tell anyone she kept quiet and stayed quiet until she asked her father and uncles is she could go to boarding school. After waiting two weeks she finally got their approval and went off to LeFromage Art School. She excelled excellently in school and was the top of her class every term. Once the end of her high school year rolled around she disappeared and left no trace for her family to find her.
Escaping to Bridgeport after high school Demeter quickly got to work on her degree in film. It was on one of her outings in Bridgeport that she met Agon Black. Even his harsh attitude and his stoic expressions she fell in love instantly with him and they got married soon after. Thinking she had finally found happiness Demeter soon discovered she was pregnant. After hearing the news Agon left and disappeared only returning to have the divorce papers signed. Now all alone again Demeter was prepared to raise a child on her own as well as work with her just starting out company, but when the due date rolled around she was surprised by twins instead of one child. She didn’t know how she was going to handle it all. She debated about giving them up for adoption, but after one look at them she couldn’t let them go.
Her studio taking off nicely and her two daughters growing everyday Demeter soon found new happiness when she met Alastair. Their friendship started off right away when Demeter helped him learn that snow wasn’t going to kill him if he stepped outside and soon they were dating and talking of starting a family of their own. The wedding day came and they spent many happy times together.
Soon strange things started to happen in her life. Not knowing what it was or what to do about it she had no choice but to contact her family that she had left behind so long ago. With them came the return of her brother. Just the sight of him as her family came instantly paralyzed her and brought back all the memories she had spent all this time trying to forget. His return also brought back his need to make her life miserable. That’s when her friend CatKetty Silvera and Dion Cai stepped in to help. They helped to keep him as far away from her as possible, but one night there was just nothing they could do. He kidnapped her and took her off where no one would find her. By the time it was finally discovered where she was he had disappeared and she had lost her unborn child.
Not being able to cope with everything that was going on Demeter soon turned to drinking as an outlet and started pulling herself away from her husband Alastair. She would drink until she would pass out and then once she woke up she’d start drinking again. That is when Dion stepped in and helped her. He was there as support and security for her when she needed it. As they started to get closer their relationship changed and soon Demeter found herself in love with him and falling into bed straddled in his arms. Had she not developed stronger feelings for him and it had only happened once she would have let it blow over, but discovering that she was expecting children she couldn’t let it slip by.
Her husband and her split remaining friends and she now lives a semi-quiet life with her boyfriend Dion Cai.
Additional Information: Demeter has four tattoos. Two on her back and one on each side of her hips.

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Demeter Moon
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