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 Skylar Arden

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PostSubject: Skylar Arden   Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:21 am

Name: Skylar Bianca Arden
Birthday: 23 November, 1990
Age: 23
Hometown: Bridgeport
Occupation: Self-employed Investor, Writer
Interests/Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Drawing, Painting, Jogging, Making Music
Personality: Shy, Determined, Brave, Loner, Family Oriented, Night Owl

Bio: Skylar was born in Monte Vista, where her Italian roots lie. She's the type of girl that would sit in a crowded area and won't speak a single word unless spoken. She grew up with her parents and her sister, Angel, who passed away When Skylar was 12. Her family moved around a lot, and Skylar rarely had any friends. Her father passed away when she was 18 after an accident, and her mother died as well after Skylar graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Biology, as well as English and Economics.

Skylar is a hot topic in today's media, being one of the richest woman in America due to her inheritance and uncanny ability to invest in the right markets. She has some supernatural secrets that she keeps to herself, and she usually doesn't mingle with the people in town unless her 'otherself' forces her to. Skylar has some skeletons in the closet, and some paparazzi's are determined to find out what. She has published five books, all reaching high success in the genre of fiction and romance.

Other Additional Information:
Skylar has whip scars across her back she acquired through unbeknownst reasons to anyone else except herself.
Skylar is an Elemental Witch, but she tends not use her powers.
Skylar suffers from Multi-Personality Disorder (MPD) and might switch personalities when placed under stress.
Skylar always wears an aquamarine encrusted necklace, a powerful and protective family heirloom.

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Skylar Arden
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